Fintellix Platform /Data Platform – Powered by Hadoop
A robust, comprehensive & enterprise-wide data platform to unify, enrich, transform & manage banking data for Analytics, Risk & Compliance reporting needs.
  • All the usability features of the Fintellix Data Platform – Standard Edition with the processing power of Hadoop
  • Ready to deploy and use/load compared to the large amount of integration time bespoke Hadoop platforms take
  • Algorithmically optimized querying engine using relational algebra for higher throughput
  • Seamless redundancy, highly resilient and infinitely scalable architecture.
  • Built on Hadoop 2.x framework.
  • Complete abstraction to the end user from the underlying complexity of data storage and processing for a seamless user experience
  • ANSI SQL Compliant – Easy integration with third party BI tools such as BO and Tableau.