Fintellix Products /BCBS 239
Leverage the Fintellix Risk & Regulatory Reporting platform to become BCBS 239 compliant and make Risk Management and Reporting simple, agile and future-proof.
  • Pre-built accelerators to expedite data extraction from varied banking systems
  • Can capture data at the most granular level i.e. transaction level and build aggregations as required
  • Powerful UI driven framework allowing users to specify data aggregation logics and business rules
  • Perform configurable validation checks on data at various stages in the data management value chain
  • Compliant with all BCBS239 Principles on Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting
  • Comprehensive risk and compliance data model
  • Comprehensive offering that helps to simplify and unify risk reporting in the bank
  • Scalable & Extensible to meet multiple regulatory reporting requirements


For the first time, the Basel committee has taken a prescriptive approach - talking not just about the data points that need to be reported, but about the underlying data infrastructure that needs to be created to make risk reporting simple, agile and standard across global banks. Of the 14 principles, the last 3 are targeted at local regulators covering areas like monitoring compliance, sharing of information with peer regulators, etc. The remaining 11 guidelines lay down a foundation for the risk data aggregation and risk reporting practices that banks need to follow.

The Fintellix data foundation and platform are designed in accordance with these principles and enable banks to accelerate compliance with BCBS 239. In addition, Fintellix consultants also provide the expertise to put in place a data governance framework to manage data quality on an on-going basis, besides defining policies around data integrity, security and availability.