Fintellix Compliance /Asset Quality Management
Comprehensive solution to manage Asset Quality for risk-sensitive, proactive decision making.
  • Reference data Management for external data sources
  • Early Warning Signals for SMA and NPA identification
  • Powerful drill-down and slice & dice features for interactive MIS
  • Pre-packaged content and Regulatory Reports to ensure quicker solution deployment
  • Dynamic asset Classification based on rules framework
  • Dedicated Stress testing on Asset Quality
  • Enables real time risk based decision making
  • Accelerated Provisioning to minimize regulatory capital drainage
  • Pre-calculated matrices can be directly fed to the internal modeling systems to evaluate PD and LGD estimates


Fintellix Asset Quality Manager is an integrated yet modular solution to measure, monitor and manage Asset quality of various portfolios. Besides eliminating the regulatory burden through Asset Classification, Asset Quality Tracking, EWS and NPA modules; it also enables risk-sensitive, proactive decision making through advanced analytical MIS and stress testing.