Fintellix Compliance /Credit Portfolio Management
Auditable, collaborative and future-proof Credit Portfolio Management.
  • Integrated Workflow and Process Management
  • Audit and Examination ready
  • In-built Reporting and Dashboarding tool
  • In-built Document Repository
  • Business user focussed solution
  • Minimal IT department intervention
  • Statistical Modelling Platform
  • All Credit Portfolio related regulatory compliance and analytics needs delivered on a single platform
  • Proven Lending Data Warehouse
  • Create Board and Investor discussion packs from the same solution
  • Helps management in decision-making and strategy formulation
  • Helps with smoother audit and examination
  • Not just helps comply with regulation but helps management in decision making
  • Single vendor addresses all requirements
  • On-cloud option reduces overall TC


Post the Financial Crisis, most financial institutions have been struggling to cope with mercurial changes in regulations. With unsurmountable demands of regulators, auditors and examiners, resource constraints have increased and the primary business focus, i.e. lending, has taken a back seat. Many Community Banks and Credit Unions have been forced to change their business strategy or move out of business due to lack of innovative decision-making capabilities.

Fintellix Credit Portfolio Manager is built specifically to help banks meet or exceed all regulatory and audit expectations, following the defined regulatory process and enabling C-Level executive decision-making with a clear roadmap towards CECL. A comprehensive Portfolio Analytics Suite, with in-built reporting and dashboarding capabilities helps configure portfolios specific to your institution and track and manage performance not only at a portfolio level but also at an operational level.

A complete loan level tracking and collaboration module to help early identification and tagging at loan level with an in-built alert and trigger mechanism. Also create risk grading and review methodology specific to your institution’s credit policy. Specific pre-built stress testing models for commercial real estate, residential real estate, commercial and industrial and consumer loans. For specific stress testing requirements, data is available in structures as required by the stress testing modules.