Fintellix Products /Risk-based Supervision (RBS)
Enabling a smooth transition to an evolving regulatory regime.
  • Comprehensive Status Dashboards at each stage of the submission workflow
  • Powerful Rules Engine to manage complex business logics
  • Framework to define and perform custom validation checks
  • Historical submissions easily accessible
  • Drill-down on data points to view underlying granular data
  • Pre-built logical Data Model for Risk-based Supervision
  • Pre-built adapters to accelerate integration with popular banking source systems
  • Flexibility to manage the entire RBS submission cycle from a centralized location at the click of a button
  • Solution delivered off a Data Mart without disturbing existing systems & architecture


Fintellix enables banks to become RBS-compliant in the shortest possible timeframe with pre-built components for data extraction and storage powered by a versatile platform with a host of in-built data management, transformation, visualization and collaboration features. Fintellix provides the RBS submission team in the bank with complete control at a data-point level, while simplifying management of the submission cycle by supporting team-level administration and collaboration between stakeholders. With flexibility to accommodate bank-specific requirements as one of the key design principles, configurability has been built into each facet of the solution; from assigning owners to data points to designing validation checks. Fintellix for RBS is designed to enable users to manage all phases of RBS including Off-site surveillance, Onsite inspections and Monitorable Action Plans.