Building a "New Core" for Banking.

Moving Banking from thinking in silos and to a rich analytical core needs a new view. We call it the "New Core" of Banking!

Conventionally, the term "Core Banking" refers to a transaction processing engine. While this has helped the Banking sector evolve and become faster, we believe that the real core of Banking is in rich data and the ability to analyze and profit from this Data.

While Banks can profit from Analytics more than any other industry, internal challenges around the lack of agility and flexibility in the way Banking data is structured is preventing this. With Banks, customers and regulators demanding more and faster information, we are aiming to provide products that enable banks to build an analytical core. In fact, we are early movers in a space where Banks are currently served only through ground up development that either takes too long or creates further silos.

Fintellix is a growing, high energy environment that values smart, hard-working thinkers to develop exciting products that help banks to profit from their Data.

Anup Pai, COO