Who We Are?

About Fintellix

Fintellix is a leading provider of data management platform, regulatory technology, 
supervisory technology, compliance management, risk management and analytical solutions to the banking 
and financial services industry. Our industry expertise together with our data management and analytical 
proficiency, enables us to solve complex data management, risk, regulatory and business issues in banks and 
financial services organizations. We help maximize the value of data by transforming it into insightful 
information and analysis that assist our clients in understanding their business performance, managing and 
mitigating risks, and meeting compliance requirements while helping them stay ahead in the digital era. Our 
data platform is highly scalable and can be implemented to manage the entire life-cycle of data for both 
regulated entities and regulators/ supervisors. Our risk and regulatory solutions help banks and financial 
services organizations meet compliance requirements for a specific jurisdiction or as a multi-country roll out. 
Our data platform, risk and regulatory solutions are continuously kept updated, and can be deployed on 
relational database, appliances, on cloud, and on big data.


Our Credentials


Regulatory Reports

Regulatory reports; capability to augment and
address new jurisdictions in record time.


Regulatory Experience

Data aggregators & processors for US
supervisory & regulatory bodies for risk based
bank supervision.


US Regulators

Work with 3 US regulators as a data
aggregator for bank supervision, stress
testing and capital adequacy planning.


Risk & Regulatory Platform Experts

Risk & regulatory platform experts across US,
Australia, Singapore, Canada, UK, India, and
Hongkong serving customers globally.



Jurisdictions covered for regulatory


Assets Analyzed

In assets analyzed for loss forecasting, capital
modeling, and regulatory submissions for
global banks across CCAR/CECL/IFRS9/
Market Risk/ Operational Risk/Business Forecasting.


Separate Legal Entities

Separate legal entities handled on a single
multi-tenanted deployment.

20 Petabytes

Data Size

Data size handled with individual data
ingestion >50 GB.

Global Presence