SEMI - Single
Extract, Multiple

The Fintellix Data Management Platform is an integrated and scalable banking data management infrastructure which plugs into the multiple data sources and provisions this mass of raw data for a variety of downstream uses such as regulatory reporting, risk management and business analytics. The platform is built to connect to a variety of data sources, ranging from relational databases to unstructured information such as spreadsheets. While the Fintellix Data Management Platform is optimized to work with the Fintellix Data Hub, it can also be implemented on existing data infrastructure such as Enterprise Data Warehouses.

The Fintellix Data Management Platform allows the Business users to enrich and augment the data as well as transform the data through business rules to enable the rapid consumption of the raw data into analytical and compliance applications. As the platform provides the data from the sources as-is to the down-stream applications, data once extracted can be reused for multiple purposes, driving down the cost and time for subsequent implementations, a concept called "SEMI – Single Extract, Multiple Implementations".

Fintellix Data Management Platform harnesses a host of features to ensure maximum flexibility and business orientation, providing end-to-end automation with optimum performance, scalability & transparency as per the BCBS239 principles.