APRA Reporting on Cloud for a Neobank


An Australian neobank with a Restricted-ADI license and a 24-month APRA mandated deadline to become compliant with its APRA reporting requirements, to become eligible for a full-banking license


  •  Automation of all reporting requirements with APRA
  •  Integration with SAP Cloud for Banking which comprises SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP  Banking (Loans and  Deposits), and SAP Payments Engine
  •  A scalable reporting solution that scales with business and supports reporting that becomes applicable in the future
  •  Support for the SBR taxonomy for reporting via Direct to APRA (D2A)
  •  Future support for API integration with APRA's upcoming Data Collection Solution (DCS)


  • Implemented 65 returns mandated by APRA and 12 additional returns for audit, internal review and management
  • The implemented APRA returns covered the following categories of supervisory reports - Financial Claims Scheme, APS 910 Data Extracts, Economic and Financial Statistics, Capital Adequacy, Liquidity, Impairment, Exposures, Financial Position, Financial Performance and Points of Presence
  • Created data transformation accelerators to transform data extracts from SAP cloud banking solutions into data requested by APRA
  • Successfully completed the implementation within  six months

Implementation Approach

  • Conducted an onsite requirement gathering exercise to identify and prioritise the reporting requirements
  • Collaborated with SAP and bank's technology teams to understand data availability and helped the bank to identify gaps in data capture
  • Developed ETL scripts, reusable across clients, to transform data extracts from SAP Cloud for Banking into data taxonomy mandated by APRA
  • Enhaced the ease of review of FCS Payments and Reports data extracts, by creating reader-friendly templates viewable on the screen and downloadable in MS-Excel and PDF formats
  • Designed a reconciliation report to help the bank reconcile count of accounts and deposit balances reported across different classes of APRA’s Financial Classification Scheme - Non-prescribed non-exception accounts, Non-prescribed exception accounts, Prescribed non-exception accounts, Prescribed exception accounts, Aggregate account balances above FCS limit and Non-protected account balances