One of the Largest & Complex Regulatory Reporting Automation for an Indian Bank


  • Offers products across banking & trading book for both Retail & Corporate customers
  •  Customers: 31 mn
  • Accounts: 51 mn
  • Loans: 7 mn
  • GL Accounts: 30000
  • GL Balances: 3 mn per period


  • Integrated regulatory reporting solution to comply with all the Central Bank reporting requirements
  • Automate regulatory reporting during the on-going CBS upgrade
  • Data sourcing across 60+ transaction systems
  • Minimize manual interventions and alterations to Data
  • Flexible Data Storage / Report Generation capabilities


  •  Data extraction & integration across systems supporting multiple countries
  • One of the largest & complex Regulatory Reporting implementation in the country
  • 120+ reports delivered to the Central Bank.
  • Regulatory Reporting Data Mart and Reporting pack delivered in 18 months
  • Aggregation of customer’s exposures across transaction systems

Implementation Approach

  • Data Mapping to reception, Pre-fab banking data model and storage of regulatory data
  • Deployment of Regulatory & Risk Mart covering NPA Management, exposures, risk-based supervision and pre-configured Regulatory Reports
  • XBRL-compliant Reporting