What Do We

The Enterprise Data Platform and Services by Fintellix is targeted towards financial institutions planning to set-up a Data Management Platform to address enterprise-wide reporting requirements. Fintellix offers a BCBS-239 compliant Data Management Platform along with a Data Hub containing a universal banking data model which together enables both regulatory and internal reporting requirements of a financial institution.

Fintellix offers a wide range of services covering the complete data life cycle starting from data sourcing to reporting. The Fintellix Data Platform can be seamlessly integrated with disparate source systems and is agnostic to physical data models used and provides the flexibility to scale quickly.


Data Readiness Assessment

Empowered by the experience of working with regulators and regulated institutions for data collection and reporting in Americas, Europe and ASEAN, Fintellix has a very methodical process to assess data readiness and identify data anomalies.


ETL & Data Integration

Fintellix develops reusable ETL scripts to extract data directly from third-party data sources, integrate and store the extracted data. Fintellix has a unique and powerful methodology to data sourcing, data mapping and data integration.


Data Quality

Fintellix provides pre-built validation checks for data quality control throughout the data life cycle and has 15+ years of experience in designing data validation frameworks and managing data quality for retail financial services for global institutions across US, UK, Canada and Australia


Data Storage

Fintellix provides a Data Hub with a universal banking data model which enables granular level data storage with a wide range of subject areas, supports historical analysis, and offers pre-built complex metrics for optimal performance


Entity Resolution

Fintellix works with stakeholders of financial institutions to accurately identify the entities even in cases where the data is entered in free-form or traditional methods which do not leverage fuzzy data in the most optimal manner


Business Intelligence & Analytics, Risk & Compliance

Fintellix Data Platform enables Regulatory, Operational & MIS reporting, Customer Analytics, Profitability Analysis – Customer / Channel / Store etc.


Data Governance

Fintellix assists financial institutions in developing Data Governance Policies & Standards - Data Ownership & Stewardship, Data Quality and Data Security