Unique Experience of working with US Banking Regulators


  • Worked with 3 US regulators in enterprise data aggregation covering loan account portfolio of 18 largest banks (~600 million accounts)
  • Products included general purpose, private label, small business, charge cards, etc.
  • Monthly data feeds with 5+ years of historical data sets


  • A one-time activity of data feed transmissions, helping banks to create required data sets
  • Receipt, load, validate, aggregate, report, & provide user access through a UI platform


  • Argus is the only vendor selected by branches of the US regulatory bodies to receive, warehouse and report on account-level credit card data.
  • This experience was leveraged by the FCA during a recent Proof of Concept exercise for credit cards and was then further leveraged through the Credit Card Market Study.

Implementation Approach

  • Data warehouse – Data capture, conversion, aggregation and storage solution.
  • Solution set up in 30 – 90 days
  • Replicated in secondary location
  • Web-based GUI for 100 use