Multicountry Regulatory Reporting

A suite of regulatory reporting solutions tailored to multiple jurisdictions that enable codeless conversion from a standardized data schema to multiple regulatory submission formats

We provide a flexible and scalable platform capable of leveraging the existing data infrastructure, while allowing the in-country teams to manage jurisdiction-specific regulatory rules, regulator-driven data validations, and regulatory templates.

Suite of credit risk solutions designed to help you ease the journey of efficiently measuring, monitoring, and mitigating the inherent credit risk across all your portfolios

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Credit Risk Solution

Syndicate Reporting Solution

Effortlessly streamline and enhance your syndicate reporting submissions with our advanced solution, offering seamless automation, prebuilt return templates, powerful drilldown capabilities, integrated adjustment, and user-friendly business rule customization

Crafted with precision, our Syndicate Reporting Solution is meticulously tailored to cater to both existing and forthcoming reporting requirements of syndicates.

We present a robust data collection and insights platform tailored to empower regulators across the financial services landscape. Seamlessly monitor industry participants' performance and make informed macro-economic decisions.

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Supervisory Solution