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Credit RiskSolution

A suite of credit risk solutions designed to help you ease the journey of efficiently measuring, monitoring, and mitigating the inherent credit risk across all your portfolios.

NPA Management

We have proven technology and experience in implementing NPA solutions in BFS space; leader in RBI ADF regulatory reporting

Fintellix NPA management is a comprehensive low code no code solution to formulate and validate credit-related strategies on NPA, Provisions, and Accounting Requirements.

Fintellix Early Warning System (EWS) helps financial institutions collect, transform, and collate internal as well as external data on the same platform

Additionally, it follows a systematic and convenient workflow-driven approach for collaboration across the hierarchy and business units within an organization.

Early Warning Solution

Expected Credit Loss

Fintellix CECL solution is a state-of-the-art solution with an intuitive interface designed to deliver automated, accurate, and timely calculation of ECL allowance.

The application imports data from multiple sources systems, transforms, and stores in into a central data hub, which becomes the singular source of truth for all use cases within the application.